Bible Studies

Water Baptism Step 3: Lesson 3

July 19, 2021

Step 3: Lesson 3

Lesson 3

Practicing factors that determine a healthy Christian life.

 1. Prayer

 No human relationship can be maintained without communication. A relationship is a flame that allows the fire of affection and sympathy to burn. As intelligent creatures that we are, God expects us to have a relationship with Him,  he expects us to speak to Him, to pray to Him, and express all our affections and emotions. Prayer is the fundamental means of that relationship.

On the other hand, prayer establishes our spiritual army.

Just as the body needs movement to function healthily, the soul needs exercise and contact to maintain its spiritual health. When our soul is connected to God, our heart overflows with good things, therefore the spirit receives wisdom and life.

Lastly, as fragile and dependent beings, we essentially need God’s protection to ease life’s turmoils. We find him in prayer, and as it has rightly been said, prayer is the key that opens Heaven’s door. 

A Christian should never neglect the line that connects him to heaven because it establishes communication with the Creator. 

There are some faults in our flesh that may interrupt our prayers. These are:

  • Fatigue: This fatigue has a paralyzing effect on us, making us unable to continue praying, but it is precisely in prayer that this fatigue can be overcome. Isaiah 40:29 & 31.

Distraction: If for whatever reason you cannot concentrate because other thoughts come to you If during prayer you realize that your thoughts are busy elsewhere; If this happens, then pray now out loud. Psalm 55: 16-17

Daily Rush: This is one of the greatest enemy of prayer. Remembers what Ecclesiastes 8:3 says; Find the free time and pray without haste, as the Lord deserves.

Discouragement: Discouragement is a weapon that Satan uses to paralyze many people, deviating them from prayer. Being discouraged means that we haven’t looked far enough. If you are discouraged because of your weaknesses, because of your failures, because of people’s harshness, or because of sad circumstances, look away and seek help from God.

Finally, we want to say that if our Lord Jesus, the Son of God, needed to pray, How much more would we need to pray? Jesus was a man of prayer Mark 1:35, Luke 3:21, Luke 5: 15-16