Pasajes Biblicos

The Second Coming of Christ Part 5

June 4, 2021

38. The Second Coming of Christ Part 5

  • Interpretation of the bases cited by the bearers of the doctrine of “secret rapture”.
  • 1Tesalonicences 5: 2; 2 Peter 3:10.
  • These verses refer to the fact that Christ will come unexpectedly, “just as” is a comparative word.
  • St. Matthew 24:40, 41; Saint Luke 17: 34-36.
  • On this point we wish to make two considerations: 1) In his teachings, Jesus spoke of two doors (the narrow and wide one); wheat and tares; sheep and kids. He used this analogy to represent the two groups of people on earth. In the same way here two are presented in the field, two women grinding, two in a bed; This represents the two groups, one will be taken and the other left.
  • 2) On the other hand, the passage presents the solemn truth that the salvation of the human being has a personal, individual character; those who are “left behind” will be punished and destroyed (see Matthew 24: 48-51).