Bible Studies

The Second Coming of Christ

June 4, 2021

36. The Second Coming of Christ. 

  • Jesus declared, before his death, to Caiaphas that He would come in the clouds of heaven, Saint Matthew 26:64.
  • When Jesus ascended, two men told his disciples that he would return, just as they had seen him go to heaven, Acts 1: 10,11.
  • An angel declared to John the beloved disciple, that Jesus is coming soon, and we will all see him, Revelation 1: 7.
  • Jesus declares: I am coming soon. Revelation 22:20.
  • End of the world events, St. Matthew 24: 1-14, 21-33, 35-51; Saint Luke 21: 8-19, 25-27, 29-36.
  1. General Signs. Condition of the world as the end approaches: False Christs everywhere, wars and rumors of wars, the uprising of the nation against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; pestilences, famines, and earthquakes in places, multiplied evil, astronomical signs, etc. As Jesus declared, all this must take place; even more, is not the end, they are the beginning of pain.

Specific signs. Condition of the Christian faith as the end approaches: Persecutions, false prophets, true faith is threatened, and great coverage of the preaching of the gospel.